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A Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise supporting marginalised communities

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A social enterprise providing sport development opportunities and aid to street children, refugees and marginalised communities.


Africa Sport International (IDA) is a United Kingdom based International Development Agency (IDA), developing sport and other community projects in Africa, United Kingdom and Europe for marginalised communities.

Africa Sport establish, conduct and contribute to projects offered to people living in impoverished communities, where the need is greatest, and where outcomes are achieved.Projects such as the staging of development sport clinics and games, mental health support groups, and other development clinics are integral to the service we offer.

Africa Sport International

Historic Kinshasa DRC cricket development clinics and promotion launched in September 2013 for school and street-children were a resounding success, with support from the England Cricket Board.

Sport Coach

Professional Sport Coach for Africa Sport International, training coaches in Ndjili District, Kinshasa, DRC

Africa Globe

Promoting Fair Trade 'entrepreneur' craft projects for women in the Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal Region in South Africa.

- Africa Sport International

Group Talk

Group talks for children and coaches on motivation, leadership and sport took place in Kinshasa, DRC


Sport is all about teamwork, communication, personal development, building lifelong friendships, enjoyment and a 'will to win'.

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    • Europe Sport Humanitarian Roadtrip

      Africa Sport Q C Beningfield entering #France #Eurotunnel start #EU #sport Roadtrip #refugees @RefugeesCE #love #uk. Africa Sport begin attempting to serve

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Inspirational ballad 'AFRICA'

Africa Sport International adopt famous inspirational ballad 'AFRICA', by legendary Grammy Award winning band TOTO, as 'theme ballad' for all future sport projects for disadvantaged street-children in Africa. http//


This song tells the story of a man who comes to Africa and must make a decision about the girl who comes to see him. He is enamored with the country, but must leave if he is going to be with her. Toto keyboard player David Paich wrote the song, and explained in the liner notes of Toto's Best Ballads compilation: "At the beginning of the '80s I watched a late night documentary on TV about all the terrible death and suffering of the people in Africa. It both moved and appalled me and the pictures just wouldn't leave my head. I tried to imagine how I'd feel about if I was there and what I'd do." Paich had never been to Africa when he wrote the song. Find out more at


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Africa Sport

AID-Food Crisis for Refugees in Europe

4000 refugees, men, women and children are living in filthy, unhealthy conditions in Calais 'The Jungle' refugee camp alone, and many thousands more in refugee camps throughout Europe without adequate nutritious food.

Africa Sport International Team

International Team

England Cricket Coach, Peter Moores (left), Africa Sport International Representative (centre) and Matt Prior, former England wicket-keeper (right) at Lords Cricket Ground.

Cricket Coaches
Our Latest Events
  • Cricket clinics have begun in Calais, France for refugee children in need of activities.
  • Indoor cricket games, ball games and exercises / training for development youth to commence.
  • Sport Mission to Africa soon.
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