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Sport : A new engine of development for Africa


A Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise supporting marginalised communities

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A social enterprise providing sport development opportunities and aid to street children, refugees and marginalised communities.

Africa Projects

Development sports projects have been successfully launched in Kinshasa, capital of the DRC in the Congo, with adults and children taking part in coaching, activities and games. Projects include cricket, hockey and street athletics (coming soon) all conducted in Ndjili District, Kinshasa.

Sport for development and peace


A cricket development programme for Kinshasa street children has been launched succesfully and is regarded by the organisers and community as a tool that will ease conflict, improve and impact on physical and psychological health, as well as general welfare.

Africa Sport International will be venturing into new territory, cities and countries which are desperately in need of development. We request assistance from the local population and that communities take ownership of the programmes we set in place and establish. ARI then serve as mentor and a guiding component of that project.

Locals really enjoy feeling that a project belongs to their community, and the work we set in place is then there for them to make a success of.

Psychological health and well-being


Participation in physical activity and sport has been shown to be effective for reducing:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • psychological distress
  • emotional disturbance

A review of research on this topic found that low-to-moderate physical exercise, even in a single session, can reduce anxiety.

Another year-long study concluded that increases in aerobic fitness have both short and long-term beneficial effects on psychological health.

Research also shows taking part in sport, and spectating, have a positive impact on the wellbeing and happiness of individuals.


To be, rather than to seem to be

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