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A Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise supporting marginalised communities

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A social enterprise providing sport development opportunities and aid to street children, refugees and marginalised communities.

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Refugee crisis moves European communities to act swiftly


Africa Sport International work in the field of child and adolescent development through structured exercises/warm up, specific fun ball skills, technical training and providing fun games/ competition to Migrant children in refugee camps in Calais, France. In addition to this core service, a referral service is in place in order to report to on-site organisations health and welfare issues pertaining to the child. Awareness groups are provided on human rights and mental health issues. A food collection is underway for refugees in Calais.

4000 refugees, men, women and children are living in filthy , unhealthy conditions in the Calais ‘The Jungle’ refugee camp without adequate food.


Africa Sport International assist in providing services to the Calais refugee ‘Jungle Camp’ by collecting FOOD (long-life milk, canned meat (chicken, fish, meat) and rice,tea. Other items such as sanitary items, clothes, soap, toothbrushes, blankets. Conditions are dire and ‘refugees’ are suffering daily.

We will ensure that your donations purchase the necessary items. We would love you to get involved in ‘fundraisers’ on our behalf, collections at your workplace or submitting a motion through your union branch. Please get your friends and colleagues together to raise money for the people in Calais. We are embarked on a long-term project, so it is important you let others know about our project.

Food parcels will be transported to the Refugee ‘Jungle Camp’ Calais, France on a timely basis, and we will keep you posted on our Facebook page on progress and exactly when we deliver into the camp.


Sporting activities for youth: vital for balanced ubringing

Sport and exercise clinics were conducted recently in Calais, France for ‘expat’ (migrant/refugees). Sport assists children and youth in many different ways ie. dealing with conflict, enhance communication skills and better physical and mental wellbeing.

Activities are scarce for ‘expats’, as local aid groups and individuals contribute in many different ways to a more meaningful and comfortable way of life as they become more certain of their future in Europe.

To be, rather than to seem to be

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