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A Not-for-Profit Social Enterprise supporting marginalised communities

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A social enterprise providing sport development opportunities and aid to street children, refugees and marginalised communities.

What We Do

We established Africa Sport International an international development agency, in order to develop and sustain a true commitment and promise of vital services to African children , and by doing so impacting lives positively over the longterm.

Our recent projects in the DRC (Congo) were incredibly exciting, as children were given the opportunity to experience organised sport for the first time.


Participants in sport will have many opportunities to experience failure or negative feedback, as well as success or positive feedback. In ARI sport programmes the participants’ perspectives and feelings are respected.Factors such as success, co-operation and coaching behaviour can encourage the development of an autonomous sportsman. For our part, we encourage our children to support their peers, be sportsmanlike in winning and in losing. Children enjoy competition, and we want to inculcate the lifeskills that sportsmanship brings.


Successful coaches communicate effectively with other coaches, with officials such as umpires, with family and above all with their charges. We encourage our coaches to communicate in a clear way exactly what is expected of our participants.Coaches are taken through the routine of each discipline in the sport so that they may learn skills as well.Many of our trainee coaches have not participated previously in the sport, but are excellent communicators with children. We teach the coach the game, and provide them with all the practical skills in order to impart this knowledge onto ‘beginner’ participants.




Children will be supported in ARI programmes, as they will have the opportunity to gain additional support through a referral service which will act as a safely net for them. Many children are reluctant to ‘talk’ about their problems, and we at ARI will always be supportive of a child who suffers distress.

We will always offer a safe playing environment where children are able to express themselves freely as sportsmen and women and be a ‘listening ear’ where there is an issue that concerns them in their lives.



Africa Sport International has been involved with Fairtrade activities for some time.Stalls, public speaking at schools, awareness campaigns and even wine-tasting of Fairtrade wine have all been part of our contribution in London.

Please log on to our link, Fairtrade, for more information on how to get involved.

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